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Eastfalla founder Di Greenfield talks about her love for dogs and her breeding philosophy

Eastfalla Show Kennels – It’s a family business!

Eastfalla founder Di Eastwood
Eastfalla founder Di Eastwood

My passion for animals started as a young child who was privileged to grow up in a house with lots of dogs, cats and horses. Growing up with breeds such as Dalmatians, German Shepherds and many more I gained an understanding for the needs of the different breeds we had as a family. But my love for showing English Springers came much later in life with the introduction of my first English Springer Spaniel, Stowequest Molly Malone, who I had great fun showing.

Plaiglen Memories - Logan in the snow
Plaiglen Memories – Logan in the snow

Two years later Plaiglen Memories at Eastfalla arrived from Fran Glendinning in Yorkshire who has become a great friend over the last few years and also love for the English Cocker Spaniel. Our first cocker arrived who was Plaiglen Sunburst – Louis wonderful black and tan boy and now we have many more cockers living here with us as part of our family. Without Fran’s friendship and support we would without a doubt never have got to where we are today.

Roqfolly Miss Moneypenny – Phoebe
Roqfolly Miss Moneypenny – Phoebe

Although we have shown dogs for a number of years the real turning point for us was the addition of Roqfolly Miss Moneypenny, whose mother lived with us before her beautiful daughter eventually came along to make a real difference. Her breeder Gareth Lawler (Roqfolly) has been a huge influence on us and our breeding here at Eastfalla. He has mentored me and given me the foundation English Springer Spaniel bitches to produce tomorrow’s stars. We are always looking at ways to improve our breed and ensure we never lose sight of what’s important.

The latest editions are our wonderful pugs, which is mainly due to my son George Eastwood, who was determined to get his first pug. Pugs are a marmite dog (love or hate them) but few can deny that they are so very entertaining and again have given us new friends like Sue Lee of Tsuselena kennels, who was kind enough to let us have our first pug and is responsible for the obsession we now have.

How do we breed?

We consider ourselves to be an experienced exhibitor and breeder of English Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels and pugs. Our focus is to do it the right way!

We breed a litter with the health and welfare of the mother (dam) as our main priority, we put thought and collective experience from other kennels into the future nature, health and conformation of the breeds we show and love. It’s a passion and a way of life for us. We raise our litters in the house with our family, all of whom take an interest in the care and comfort of the mother and puppies.

People come to Eastfalla Show Kennels to see the parents and extended dog family, to meet us and of course for us to ensure the new potential owners are a suitable match for one of our puppies (not all are). We spend time with any new potential owner to provide background information on our dogs, support for the future of the puppy and give advice where needed. Our puppies are all Kennel Club registered and from excellent backgrounds. We feed only premium foods such as Royal Canin puppy, worm and vet check all puppies before they leave and on request we can vaccinate too.

We are based in a rural village so our dogs run, play and are active outdoor dogs who are not only beautiful to look at but also fit for function. Even our pugs run about with the spaniels!

The whole family take an active part in training, caring and raising our fur family. My eldest son Harry works in the kennels and helps to keep our technology updated such as the website and social media and my youngest son George is fantastic with the puppies and together we all care.